• Indoor Spaces

    In Imagina Imatge we are specialised in designing inner spaces.

    We can develop projects for building works in progress or for partial or complete repairs.

    We develop the entire project, after listening to our client and taking into account his needs. We bet for quality and creativity. We can also design any kind of furniture, even the size we are asked for, a fact which allows us be more flexible when creating a new design. It also helps us be adaptable in relation to different needs and uses.

    Since, as mentioned above, we give any kind of assessment, we can also give advice in relation to signaling.


  • Info Architecture

    In Imagina Imatge we have been working in the area of infoarchitecture for more than 10 years.

    We design and make static and live images, we cover bigger and smaller inner and outer spaces no matter the size is, always attending our client’s demands,. We are also experts in town planning, industry design, small details and technical sections…

    We use the most modern technology, maximize “render” timings and, therefore,  financial costs.

    In Imagina Imatge our projects are fully realistic, but we also like experimenting with other kinds of demands, such as designing architecture studios.


  • Graphic Design

    In Imagina Imatge we offer all kind of projects related to graphic design. We also offer it as a complement to inner spaces design.

    We offer:

    - Corporate image, design of logos, stationer’s tools and gadgets, identity  handbook…

    - Magazines, catalogues, any kind of leaflets, flyers…

    - Posters, canvas, pennants, wall charts…

    - Packaging

    One of our strongest values is the adaptability to our clients’ needs, no matter the difficulty a project may imply.

    We also manage printing.